Products and Services

Engraving services for the firearms and cutlery industries

Aurum provides turn-key engraving services for the leaders in the firearms and cutlery manufacturing industries. Some examples include:

Firearms industry: Colt Firearms, Winchester Repeating Arms, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Weatherby, and Ithaca Gun Company

Cutlery industry: Buck Knives, CUTCO (Alcas), Ka-Bar (Cole National), Schrade, Western, Coleman-Western, Smith & Wesson (knives), Gerber, Puma, and Henckels.

Engraved products for groups and individuals

Aurum provides a variety of engraved products for many associations, organizations, clubs and individuals, which include firearms, knives, and other collectible items. To list a few examples:

Hunting, Sporting and Conservation associations, such as NRA, American Sportsman Club, and Ducks Unlimited.

Civil organizations associated with government entities, such as Military Units, Police Departments, and Fire Departments.

Fraternal and Charitable organizations, such as the Masons and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.

Clubs, such as the New York Yacht Club and Boy Scouts of America.

Firearm Manufacturing

Aurum manufactures black powder rifles and pistols as a 'canvas' for collectible art under the wholly-owned, historic Texas Civil War era trademarks Tucker, Sherrard & Co. and Clark, Sherrard & Co.